Blue Flower

DSOM and The Wizard of Oz

Wizard of OZ / Dark Side of the Moon "Synchronicities"

  • The credit for the producer Mervyn LeRoy appears right as the transition from "Speak to Me" to "Breathe" takes place.
  • Notice "Time" is capitalized and not at the beginning of a sentence!
  • As Dorothy runs to Auntie Em and Uncle Whats-his-name, look for the Dark side of the moon triangle hanging from a tree with the wood slats from the picket fence forming the prism!
  • "Please…Auntie Em." First Line on the CD
  • Dorothy turns around and looks down just as the lyrics "look around. Choose your own ground" are sung.
  • Dorothy walks away from Auntie Em and her uncle during the line, "Choose your own ground."
  • "all you touch" Dorothy touches the old man on the arm...
  • When Dorothy is talking to the "scarecrow" farmhand next to the wagon, and "Breathe" is playing on the CD, the PF lyric "dig that hole" is sung just as the farmhand points to the ground...
  • The lyric "balanced on the biggest wave" is sung just as Dorothy is balancing on the fence, and "On The Run" starts just as Dorothy falls of the fence. This creates a much "darker" feel than the movie by itself could.
  • When Dorothy falls off the fence and the lyrics say something about heading toward an early grave, as in Judy Garland dying young. Also, when Judy Garland is singing "Somewhere over the Rainbow" in the movie- as the camera shows a close-up shot of her, the words "here today-gone tomorrow" from the CD are heard.
  • As Auntie Em is yapping, a female voice can be heard in the background of the album that stops just as Auntie Em stops running her mouth.
  • Notice the black and white screen "pulsating" to the music, especially if you turn off the lights in the room.
  • As Dorothy is singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, she will often look up at the planes flying by in the music.
  • As Dorothy sings "Over the Rainbow" and the instrumental "On The Run" is playing, Dorothy looks skyward in a left-right pan (or is it right-left) as helicopter and jet sounds are played.. as if they are flying overhead...
  • A verse in Somewhere Over The Rainbow is "Birds fly, why can't I?" In the song Breathe, there is a verse that is "For long you live and high you fly."
  • Toto appears to be laughing at Dorothy as the laugh is heard in the background.
  • Chimes and Bells start ringing as the mean old lady rides up on her bike. These fade when she gets off her bike, and the gate hits her to the beat of the music.
  • As "The Wicked Witch of the West" first comes to the farm and meets Uncle Henry at the gate, he is holding a paintbrush. Several times he moves the paintbrush up and down as if he's ringing a hand-bell (as PF song "Time" is playing a bell sound)...
  • During the scene where "The Wicked Witch of the West" is talking to Auntie Em, Uncle Henry and Dorothy about taking Toto, "Time" is playing. The mood-shift during the song closely syncs with the actors' expressions and direction...
  • When inside, the music reflects the tone of the scene, especially the change when Dorothy shifts her attention to different characters.
  • In time when "taking away the moments that break up the dull day" are said the witch take toto and puts him in the basket also "dull day" kinda sounds like "dog day"...
  • Notice when Dorothy turns every time you hear a bass drum beat from the old lady to the witch. to the old goes on for a while like their is drama about to unfold
  • When "ticking away the moment" starts notice the bike and music coinciding....
  • the dog jumps off when "on a piece of ground' and then
  • "waiting for someone or something to show the way"...he jumps to see dorothy
  • Toto jumps out of the basket and runs off during the line, "Waiting for someone or somthing to show you the way."
  • "Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home..." Dorothy is seen laying down by her bed with an open window in the background.
  • "ten years behind" you see her behind
  • When Dorothy runs away, PF "Time" sings the lyric, "No One Told You When To Run"... *
  • As Dorothy is on the road with Toto shot from behind lyric says "...come up behind you again..."
  • "To come up behind you again" the fortune teller is pulling out chair for Dorothy...
  • Dorothy with Fortuneteller at the beginning. As she enters his house. Notice the skull hanging above the entrance behind her probably symbolizing death. - the song "Creeps up behind you again."
  • The words "Past Present, and Future can be read on a sign outside of the fortune teller during the solo to "Time".
  • When Dorothy enters Professor Marvel's wagon the sound of the music goes from a wide range to a more intimate sound!
  • When Dorothy is in the FortuneTeller's (Wizard's) trailer looking into the crystal ball, the FT is describing what he sees, including Auntie Em and the farm. PF sings the lyric "Home, Home Again"...
  • The song "Great Gig in the Sky" begins just as Dorothy leaves the fortune teller. The tornado in the background takes on a "lazy" feel because of the music. This is a much different feel than if the movie was watched without DSOTM.
  • The Tornado is shown in the background as the words "And I'm am not frightened of Dying"
  • The tornado is the Great Gig In The Sky!
  • At approximately 3:35 in the "Pulse" version of Great Gig in the Sky, a female voice whispers, "I never said I was afraid of Dorothy".
  • Drums kick in as the wind starts causing damage (a tree gets uprooted!)
  • As soon as Dorothy gets knocked out, the singer tones down and sings rather softly until the house lands. Great Gig in The Sky ends when the house lands and Dorothy wakes up. In fact, the music change occurs just as Dorothy opens her eyes.
  • Side 1 of the album (vinyl) is exactly as long as the black & white portion of the film.
  • The cash register in Money is heard right as color is seen in Oz
  • The Theme of Money=Color evident.
  • The bass line of "Money" is playing when the ballerinas on, it seems as if her hand is playing the wand like a bass.
  • In the song "Money", the band sings "if you ask for a ride" as Dorothy is riding in a horse drawn carriage.
  • in money the line "money get back" notice munchkins put their heads back into bushes...
  • during guitar solo notice man jumping to lead dance and pick up in music
  • Glinda, the cloyingly saccharine Good Witch of the North, appears in her bubble just as the band sings "Don't give me that do goody good b.s." (Plug your ears, kids!)
  • A pimp munchkin struts his stuff across the screen grooving to the bass line.
  • One of the munchin people give Dorothy some flowers during "Share it fairly."
  • The Certificate of Death is presented as the music changes from Money to Us and Them.
  • The title Us and Them becomes very evident in this first scene with the Munchkins.
  • The ballerinas enter on "us, us, us". The ballerina on the left lip syncs some of the lyrics "ordinary men"
  • The Lollipop Guild enters on "me, me, me". The wise looking kid's jerking motions are in sync with the music. They even give the lollipop to Dorothy on the beat. "you!"
  • "Forward he cried" is sung just as Dorothy turns to face forward.
  • The good witch appears to play the guitar on her wand. She also sways to the music. She even moves her fingers on the wand as though she really were playing the guitar.
  • The munchkin soldiers march to the beat, most notibly when they bring their arms to their chests.
  • The wicked witch appears right on the words "black, black". The words "blue, blue" seem to relate to Dorothy, but they do not hit right on the camera switch to Dorothy. I am assuming that this is true to accommodate a later coincidence in the movie.
  • "And who knows which is which and who is who" is also sung in the scene during which the other wicked witch is discovered under the house. (witch is witch... vs. which is which)
  • The words "up, up" are sung as the wicked witch is on top of the platform, and "down, down" are sung as she walks down from the platform.
  • "And in the end" is sung as the wicked witch of the east disappears.
  • "Only round and round and round" - Dorothy pivots on her fancy red slippers.
  • During the PF song "Us and Them" PF sings the lyric "Haven't You Heard" as Glenda whispers in Dorothy's ear...
  • Us and Them solo starts as the evil witch disappears in a cloud of red smoke.
  • "Out, out, out" is sung as the good witch disappears.
  • During the PF song "Us and Them" PF sings the lyric "Down... and Out" as Glenda's bubble leaves Munchkin land in a "down and out "...
  • Also in "Us and Them" PF sings "With, without... who denies it's what the fighting's all about" -- Dorothy has the Ruby Slippers (with) and the Wicked Witch of the West wants them (without)...
  • Notice and end of us and them....when Dorothy goes down yellow brick and muchkins dancing are in sinc.
  • Song Transition to "Any Colour you like" right on scene change at the fork in the yellow brick road.
  • Dorothy reaches road during Any Colour You Like.
  • "Any Colour You Like" has no words, and could have been entitled anything. but the main theme of color in the Wizard of Oz would have an influence.
  • Have you noticed when Dorothy meets the scarecrow her hair length changes. There are three very noticeable different hair lengths in this scene.
  • The Scarecrow accentuates the wawa guitar. The guitar will play whenever Dorothy or the Scarecrow talk. Their body movements correlate with the guitar almost exactly.
  • The song Brain Damage is playing fitting for the scarecrow, eh?.
  • When the Scarecrow is dancing while singing, he dances to the music. He really grooves to it too.
  • In brain damage, the lunatic is on the grass is obvious...
  • In the line "the paper holds their folded faces to the floor" the scarecrow actually looks down to the floor.
  • When the scarecrow and dorothy start to leave notice how they point to the sky when the line says "I'll see on the darkside of the moon" as they walk off the path to the right.
  • The scarecrow starts his flimsy dance with the line, "the lunatic is on the grass." Seems fitting!
  • Dorothy & the scarecrow walk off on the right path on "See you on the dark side of the moon."
  • "And throw away the key" and "there's someone in head but it;s not me" notice the tree throwing the apple to the ground....
  • As Dorothy knocks on the tinman’s feet and knees he giggles like a lunatic!
  • During "Eclipse" PF sings "all that you taste" as the Tin Man asks for oil on "My Mouth"...
  • "All that you feel" - Dorothy applies oil to the tin man.
  • The heartbeat is playing as Dorothy is banging on the Tin Man's chest. She pounds to the beat.
  • The Tinman is quite the flamer!
  • The album repeats here and the heartbeat starts up again.
  • When the Tin Man is all oiled up, he begins dancing right as the beat kicks in. He also dances to the music.
  • The tinman wavers around as the guitar slides
  • The Tin Man makes steam come up from his head to the hi-hat beat.
  • "There's no dark side of the moon really..." - the tin man can be seen saying "See, it's empty.
  • The scene where the guy is said to have hung himself. - in the song you can her a pattering of footsteps on wood floor begin to run faster and faster and a guy running out of breath as if the guy who hung himself was racing to position himself and time the scene perfectly.
  • You can see a light flash and a man falling to his death in the background. Apparently a lighting operator got shocked by an ungrounded light and fell to his death from the light trussing.
  • Whenever the Lion laughs. - song has a guy laughing in the background
  • The Lion's roars correlate with the roar-like sounds in the background.
  • The Lion appears to be conducting the music as he speaks.
  • He also appears to play the air-saxophone as the solo is played.
  • All three characters skip to the beat during the scene change.
  • A bat flying past the screen happens while an airplane flies by on the CD.
  • Dorothy falls down to a music change.
  • Dorothy in field with Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin man. The scene where it starts snowing. Then they are standing up and Dorothy points across the field. - the song says "Across the fields."
  • Dorothy knocks on the door to the beat.
  • The horse and the characters in the castle are all moving to the beat.
  • A music change occurs as they begin to walk down the big hallway kinda church organ sounding as if walking down a large cathedral.
  • Dorothy & Co. are talking to the Wizard during the line,"and after all, we're only ordinary men" After all, the wizard is just an ordinary man. -
  • When in the Wizard room, the fire shoots up to the music.
  • The Lion falls as the music changes
  • The Lion jumps out the window to "down, down".
  • With the line "the poster bearer cried" they read a poster of sorts.
  • The music becomes excited when the monkey fly off for dorothy & gang
  • During Us and Them: - "With, without. And after all, it's what the fighting's all about." The fight between the monkeys and dorothy is all about with/without Dorothy. - "It can't be helped if there's a lot of them about." There were a heck of a lot of monkeys, and Dorothy couldn't be helped.
  • The wicked witch grooves to the music in the scene with Dorothy.
  • the wicked witch dies at the end of the second time the album is played -
  • The chimes heard at the beginning with the mean lady on the bike are now accentuated by the cheering crowd in the hot-air balloon scene.
  • Dorothy clicks her heals to the beat of the hi-hat.
  • At the end when Dorothy clicks the shoes three times.(I think this is on the third time through the CD) - song goes "This song is over'.
  • The words "home, home again" are sung just as Dorothy opens her eyes.
  • Then Dorothy is lying in bed(back to black & white) her eyes closed and group is around her looking over her and the movie ends with the words:
Home, home again
I like to be there when I can
When I come in cold and tired
It's good to warm my bones beside the fire
Far away across the field
The tolling of the iron bell
Calls the faithful to their knees
To hear the softly spoken magic spells.

Simply amazing….

  • There is another music change just as the credits stop rolling.


 Other Evident Themes

  • The cover of the album has a rainbow prism. The black and white light hits the prism and turns to color. On the original album, the prism on the back side of the album goes from color to black and white just like the movie.
  • The eye on the cover of the album Pulse, which has a performance of all of DSOTM, has the bike, Dorothy, the Tin Man, The Scarecrow, The Lion, and the Witch imbedded in it.
  • The lyric "Race towards an early grave" is sung during a close up of Dorothy. This may make reference to the fact that Judy Garland died prematurely due to drug abuse.

Song Title Themes


  • Speak To Me - In the opening scene of the movie, no one has time to speak to Dorothy as they prepare for the storm.
  • On the Run - An instrumental that doesn't sync up with a a particular scene, but is a recurring theme in the movie:
  • Running home in the opening
  • Running away from home
  • Running around during the storm
  • Running from the wicked witch
  • Great Gig in The Sky - Song begins as Dorothy is running home during the storm. The title could apply to the tornado or to the house spinning around in the sky.
  • Money - Could make reference to the fact that this is the first movie ever filmed in Technicolor. This song also begins just as the color portion of the movie begins. It should also be noted that the fact that the movie contained color was a major selling point.
  • Us and Them - Could mean humans and Munchkins, or good and bad.
  • Any Colour you Like - During the second repitition of the album. The horse changes color approximately 5 times. This is done on purpose by the makers of the movie using gelatin on the horse.
  • Brain Damage - The Scarecrow scene

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